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The Local Advertiser is an innovative and convenient platform which facilitates quick advertising process

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Advertise in the Western Cape Province

The Western Cape is the fourth largest of the nine provinces in South Africa in terms of both area and population, 


Advertise in the North West Province

The North West, known as the Platinum Province, lies in the northern part of South Africa on the Botswana border. 


Advertise in the Northern Cape Province

The landscape of the Northern Cape is characterised by vast dry plains with dramatic outcroppings of rock piles. 


Advertise in the Mpumalanga Province

Mpumalanga, “the place where the sun rises”, is situated in the Northeast of South Africa, 


Advertise in the Limpopo Province

Limpopo lies within the great curve of the Limpopo River and is South Africa’s northern most province. 


Advertise in the KwaZulu-Natal Province

KwaZulu-Natal, with its subtropical climate and lush valleys washed by the warm Indian Ocean, 


Advertise in the Gauteng Province

Gauteng is one of the nine provinces of South Africa and it means a place of gold.


Advertise in the Free State Province

The Free State Region lies in the heart of South Africa between the Vaal River in the North 


Advertise in the Eastern Cape Province

The Eastern Cape Province, on the South African coast, is a region of diverse climates, 


Caxton publishers and printers is one of the biggest publishers and printer of books, magazines, newspapers and commercial print in South Africa.

Established in 1980, this institution has recorded tremendous growth over the years and now boasts of 13 fully fledged magazines and 120 local newspaper publications. In the last few years, we have continued to diversify our product offering and service offering with a keen eye on the digital media space.

At the heart of our business development is our desire to assist businesses to achieve maximum reach and engagement with potential customers by leveraging on our location targeting ability and lifestyle content. One platform which continues to play a pivotal role in this regard is the Local Advertiser.

The Local Advertiser is an innovative and convenient platform which facilitates quick advertising process. The Local Advertiser also pulls some of its strength from the Retail Advertising Network (RAN) which is made up of more than 6 million monthly browsers. Covering all the provinces in South Africa and the entire business spectrum, Local Advertiser is a superior advertising directory which allows customers to browse and book all Caxton Newspaper adverts online. We have established a strong media footprint around the country which allows big and small scale businesses to effectively reach targeted market segments and niches and get good returns on their advertising expenditure. Our Sales reps are well trained and positioned to recommend effective media solutions based on authentic research,

scientific understanding of consumer behaviour and many other relevant sources of current information whether its local or international. By using the Local Advertiser platform, our competent sales representative will ensure your unique needs are matched with the right advertising solution. These solutions include digital catalogues, product booster banners on mobile, product widges, free catalogue hosting, sponsored content, etc. To request a quote online for advertising rates in any of our newspapers, simply click the request a quote button and a friendly Caxton Media representative will expeditiously contact you with competitive prices on your desired advertising needs.