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Bloemfontein Courant Voice

  • Tabloid Newspaper
  • Printed on Newsprint Paper
  • 20 000 Copies Distributed Weekly
  • Frequency: Weekly Wednesday
  • Target Audience: Local Community
  • Area of Distribution: Bloemfontein, Manguang, Thaba Nchu and Botshabelo

The growing Bloemfontein Courant Voice became a welcome addition to the Mahareng Publishing family in May 2016 (Mahareng Publishing is a joint venture between Caxton CTP and the Central Media Group). In keeping with the example set by its parent newspaper, the well-known and ever-popular Bloemfontein Courant, the Voice aims to build a reputation for being a publication dedicated to exceptionally high standards. As a community newspaper, the Bloemfontein Courant Voice is a reliable source of information when it comes to local and community news, reporting on local sports and schools events, municipal and crime news, lifestyle features, entertainment news and more. Additionally, the publication doesn’t shy away from the realm of hard news, including politics and international news.

Whilst still being a youthful title, the Bloemfontein Courant Voice has already become known as a newspaper with impressive journalistic integrity, and as such, is trusted by its readers to provide “news you can use”. With a print order of 20 000 copies, distributed to households and businesses in Bloemfontein, Manguang, Thaba Nchu and Botshabelo, the title reaches a wide and diverse audience.

Mahareng Publishing also publishes several other noteworthy titles, including: Get It Bloemfontein, Campus Get It Bloemfontein and The Woodpecker.

As a trusted provider of community and local news, the Bloemfontein Courant Voice is also an important source of information for consumers in the areas in which it is distributed: this is to say that its high quality advertising inserts inform readers about retail and service offerings, as well as specials and bargains. For advertisers, the publication is a consistent channel that reaches active consumer markets in the region.

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