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Eldorado Urban News

  • Tabloid Newspaper
  • Printed on Newsprint Paper
  • 30 100 Copies Distributed Weekly
  • Frequency: Weekly Wednesday/Thursday
  • Target Audience: Local Community
  • Area of Distribution: Eldorado Estate, Eldorado Park, Eldorado Park ext 1, Eldorado Park ext 1 Flats, Eldorado Park ext 2, Eldorado Park ext 2 Flats, Eldorado Park ext 3, Eldorado Park ext 3 Flats, Eldorado Park ext 4, Eldorado Park ext 4 Flats, Eldorado Park ext 5, Eldorado Park ext 6, Eldorado Park ext 6 Flats, Eldorado Park ext 7, Eldorado Park ext 7 Flats, Eldorado Park ext 8, Eldorado Park Flats, Golden View, Klipriviersoog Estate, Klipspruit West, Kliptown

Until early 2005, the incredible reach of Caxton CTP’s many and varied community newspapers was still to make headway in South Africa’s most famous and largest Township, Soweto. The need for reliable and absolutely credible community newspapers was identified, and the Protea Urban News was envisioned to meet the news demands of Soweto residents. Aiming to make a truly meaningful impact in the market, the Protea Urban News quickly established a favourable reputation, and its reception from the outset was enormously impressive: readers and advertisers saw it as a welcome addition to the Soweto landscape, and rave reviews followed.

The undeniably positive public response was overwhelming and spoke to the fact that there was a need for further work; a bold decision was thus taken to grow the Urban News stable by adding 10 new titles, including: Eldorado Urban News, Dobsonville Urban News, Diepkloof Urban News, Chiawelo Urban NewsJabavu Urban NewsMeadowlands Urban NewsOrlando Urban NewsPimville Urban NewsWest Side Urban News and Zola Urban News.

The instant success of the Protea Urban News was replicated by the new titles, and today the 11 newspapers are delivered to almost 300 000 households and other strategic distribution points, and enjoy an estimated readership of close to 1,5 million Soweto residents. The Eldorado Urban News continues to maintain the highest levels of journalistic excellence and integrity, and has firmly established itself as a valuable and respected member of the community it serves. Copies of the Eldorado Urban News are distributed on a weekly basis, free-of-charge, and with a print order of 30 000 newspapers, it reaches a large and interested audience of media consumers.

Whereas too many other newspapers have a habit of sensationalising negative events in our society, the Eldorado Urban News attempts to bring the numerous commendable achievements and attractions of Soweto to light, reminding readers that good and encouraging things are happening in our beautiful country. The paper also opens itself to public dialogue, and invites readers to write in and express their views through a letters section.

The Eldorado Urban News finds its way into the hands of a sizeable population of economically active household expenditure decision makers, and as such, is an effective channel through which businesses and other advertisers can speak directly to their target market.

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