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  • Tabloid Newspaper
  • Printed on Newsprint Paper
  • 30 000 Copies Distributed Weekly
  • Frequency: Weekly Wednesday
  • Target Audience: Local Community
  • Area of Distribution: Acacia Flats, Oribi, Ashburton, Athlone, Bellevue, Bisley Heights, Bisley Valley, Blackridge, Boughton, Chasdene, Chase Valley, Claredon, Cleland, Epworth, Grange, Hayfields, Hilton, Leonards, Lester Park, Lincoln Meade, Lynfield Park, Meadow, Mkondeni, Montrose, Mount Michael, Mountain Rise, Northern Park, Oak Park, Pelham, Pietermaritzburg CBD, Prestbury, Richmond, Scottsville, Scottsville Ext, Wembley, Westgate, Winterskloof, Worlds View

At 15 years young, the Maritzburg Sun carries a youthful enthusiasm and unbounded energy that has quickly made it a favourite among communities falling within its area of distribution. Despite this youth, however, the publication has already built an impressive reputation for being a source of reliable, credible and well-informed news regarding community affairs, local sports and events, charity and church events, entertainment and lifestyle news, and reports on municipal news affecting its readership.

Whereas the publication’s distribution area concentrates on the northern, southern and central suburbs of the beautiful and historic city of Pietermaritzburg, its exceptional journalists keep abreast of all happenings within the city and its surrounding areas.

The city of Pietermaritzburg was founded in the mid-19th century (1838, to be exact), and is currently the capital of KwaZulu-Natal – making it an extremely important administrative centre in the contemporary South African political landscape. From an economic perspective, Pietermaritzburg can hold its own against larger urban centres due its industrious citizens and an active export sector (the city exports large amounts of aluminium and timber to all corners of South Africa, and beyond).

The city, including surrounding areas like Edendale, is home to half a million South Africans of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and as such is a veritable melting-pot; something many residents are proud to boast about.

With regards to the diversity of its readers, the Maritzburg Sun not only aims to show sensitivity to all the cultural heritages of its audience, but also looks forward to making this sensitivity a hallmark of the publication.

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