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The Times of Ladysmith is the ever-popular sister publication of the much respected Ladysmith Gazette, and was born out of the recognition that residents of Ladysmith and surrounds could benefit greatly from a free publication that met the high standards already set by the Gazette. In following the footsteps of the Ladysmith Gazette, the Times of Ladysmith works tirelessly to achieve and maintain the highest levels of journalistic excellence when it comes to local and community news, local schools news, municipal and crime news, local sports results and fixtures, interviews with local personalities, lifestyle features and entertainment. Moreover, another strength of the publication lies in the fact that it views itself as a prominent member of the communities it serves, making a significant and important contribution through the provision of breaking news.

Whereas the Ladysmith Gazette boasts of a proud history that extends back over a century into the past, the Times of Ladysmith is a much younger title – its youth, however, shouldn’t be seen as a weakness as it has already inherited the core principles that made its older sister a hugely successful and widely trusted newspaper. Indeed, the publication is at present respected and synonymous with integrity and credibility.

In terms of advertising, high quality retailers’ inserts ensure that readers are always well-informed when making decisions concerning product purchases. This also means that advertisers are able to reach a large market of regular readers who shop in the vicinity.

  • Tabloid Newspaper
  • Printed on Newsprint Paper
  • 15 200 Copies Distributed Weekly
  • Frequency: Weekly Tuesday
  • Target Audience: Local Community
  • Area of Distribution: Bergville, Ezakheni, Ladysmith, Steadville

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