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Tongaat, Verulam and Phoenix Rising Sun

  • Tabloid Newspaper
  • Printed on Newsprint Paper
  • 22 500 Copies Distributed Weekly
  • Frequency: Weekly Wednesday
  • Target Audience: Local Community
  • Area of Distribution: Tongaat, Verulam and Phoenix

Founded in 1986 by CEO, Vijay Marahaj, the Rising Sun stable of publications answered to the mainstream media’s neglect of residents living in “Indian only” areas (under apartheid era zoning laws) by providing these communities with newspapers that spoke to their needs from a perspective that understood the unique experiences of South Africans of Indian descent. Since the democratisation of South Africa in 1994, the racial barriers and segregation entrenched so fully in law are slowly receding into the past, and whereas the Rising Sun is proud of its contribution to the creation of a non-racist and non-sexist country, it stands ready to contribute even further to this on-going effort.

As a respected and trusted community newspaper title, the Tongaat, Verulam and Phoenix Rising Sun is firmly committed to providing its readers with only the highest quality local and community news, local schools news, local sports results and fixtures, municipal and crime news, lifestyle features, entertainment news and more. It should go without saying that the Tongaat, Verulam and Phoenix Rising Sun looks forward to continuing the good relations it enjoys with its valued audience, and will continue to engage with the multitude of important charities it throws its full support behind.

In terms of advertising, high quality retailers’ inserts ensure that readers are always well-informed when making decisions concerning product purchases. This also means that advertisers are able to reach a large market of regular readers who shop in the vicinity.

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