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Northern Cape

The landscape of the Northern Cape is characterised by vast dry plains with dramatic outcroppings of rock piles. The cold Atlantic Ocean forms the western boundary of this region. With a total area of 372 889 square kilometres, taking up 30.5 % of South Africa’s land area, the Northern Cape is the country’s largest province.  With little over 1 million people, three per square kilometre, it has the country’s smallest population.

The Northern Cape’s most important asset is the impressive Orange River, which feeds the agriculture and alluvial diamond industries in the region.

The capital of the Northern Cape is Kimberley, located almost 110km east of the where the Vaal and Orange Rivers meet. Due to its diamond mining past (the roots of the De Beers mining company can be traced back to the town) and the siege during the Second Boer War, Kimberley has considerable historical significance. In present times, Kimberley is the seat of the Provincial Legislature for the Northern Cape and Provincial Administration, serving the agricultural and mining sectors of the area. Another important town in the region is Upington (the centre of dried fruit industries and karakul sheep farming as well as the most northerly wine-making region of South Africa).

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The much respected Gemsbok is published in the Northern Cape, and advertisers are welcome to advertise in the publication in the effort to reach their target markets.

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